Kamagra oral jelly

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Kamagra oral jelly

Kamagra oral jelly is a very safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in men, and can be safely and discreetly ordered from a pharmacy in Australia if you have decided that you would like to try it. Kamagra oral jelly comes in the form of a jelly that is contained in a small packet, or sachet. The jelly comes in numerous flavors, so you can find one that sounds good to you and that you think would be satisfying. You take Kamagra oral jelly about thirty minutes prior to your sexual encounter. Kamagra oral jelly works in a very similar manner to Viagra. This is because Kamagra oral jelly and Viagra both contain the same main active ingredient, which is sildenafil citrate. Kamagra oral jelly works by inhibiting phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5). PDE5 is an enzyme that can both decrease erection and decrease blood flow to the penis. Both of these make it difficult for a man to maintain an erection. When PDE5 is inhibited, a man can once again get an erection and keep it long enough for a sexual encounter. Once you take Kamagra oral jelly and it begins to work, it usually lasts about four hours. You can take one entire packet or a half a packet as a dosage. This will vary for the individual. You really should not take more than one packet every twenty four hours, though, because this would be too much and might be dangerous or increase a risk of uncomfortable side effects.

Few precautions and side effects

If you have a history of heart problems or blood pressure problems, Kamagra oral jelly might not be safe for you to take. Also, if you are taking certain blood pressure medications or any drug containing nitrates, it might not mix well with Kamagra oral jelly. If you are taking Zantac or certain other medications as well then Kamagra oral jelly might not be safe for you. Review this with your doctor to get a comprehensive list of medications that might not be safe to take in conjunction with Kamagra oral jelly, just to be sure that there will not be an interaction. If you are allergic to sildenafil or to Viagra, then you should not take Kamagra oral jelly.

The most commonly reported side effects include skin flushing, congested nose, nausea, headache, and back pain. If you have sudden loss and change of either vision or hearing, this could be a severe adverse effect so you should contact a doctor immediately. If you have any other severe seeming reactions that are bothersome to you it is also advisable to talk to a doctor.

Kamagra oral jellyHow can you order Kamagra oral jelly online?

You can order Kamagra oral jelly online at viagramelbourne.com pharmacy in Australia to get it sent directly to your home. Since it usually cannot be found in stores, this is the best way to get your medication and has the added plus of being highly convenient. It’s like ordering things from Amazon and having them shipped directly to your house. When you place an order for Kamagra oral jelly at an online pharmacy, it will be sent out directly to you once your billing has been processed and your order has been approved. This is a very fast and effective way to order your medication and it is probably the most convenient way to get your medication sent to you.

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