Kamagra for sale online: is it safe?

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Buy Kamagra online in Australia

Kamagra is a form of treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is often called the generic form of Viagra. This is because it contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate, which is also used in Viagra. Many men use Kamagra as an affordable alternative to Viagra or Levitra. Kamagra is typically combined with sexual stimulation to increase blood flow to the penis. The recommended dose of Kamagra is 50mg, although it is often sold in packets of 100mg. The gel-filled tablets are administered orally and, like Viagra, should take about 45 minutes to work, lasting for 3-4 hours. Kamagra is unregulated in some countries, however, meaning information on the exact side effects and functioning of the drug is less available and sure than for that of Viagra, which is a regulated and licensed drug in nearly every country. Often, Kamagra is purchased online and imported from India, where it is manufactured in Mumbai.

Buy Kamagra online in Australia

Buy Kamagra online in Australia

Side effects

Side effects of Kamagra are similar to that of Viagra, given they use the same active ingredients. They can include: headaches – sildenafil increases blood pressure and body temperature, making it more likely that one experiences dehydration, meaning headaches can be experienced during the duration of the drug’s existence in the body. It’s also suspected that Kamagra causes a lowered pain threshold, meaning headaches are perceived to be more severe; flushing – because Kamagra induces vasodilation, other areas of the body can also become flushed with excess blood, including the waist, chest, and face. This happens often during normal sexual arousal, but can be exacerbated by Kamagra; digestive problems – it’s possible that Kamagra causes indigestion because it relaxes the smooth muscle tissues in the digestive organs. When consumed with alcohol, these problems may be especially severe.

There are many websites which will sell Kamagra to customers in Australia. Many men also purchase bulk quantities while on sex tourism in Bangkok and occasionally bring back remaining packets with them when they return to Australia. It is anecdotally reported that customs officials are particularly lax about items like Kamagra when going through customs undeclared. Kamagra is cheap on many of these websites, offering deals like a mere $2.43 per pill when buying in bulk. However, it appears as though generic Viagra is still undercutting the Kamagra market, at $0.81 per pill. This begs the question, why is Kamagra seen as the more cost-effective option? Perhaps when purchasing directly from places like India and Bangkok, it is possible to obtain large quantities for a cheap price, although it can be difficult to find these exact numbers. The Indian manufacturing company, Ajanta Pharma, has had Kamagra approved by the Indian FDA and is licensed for worldwide distribution.

Kamagra for sale

While it is easy to find Kamagra for sale to Australian purchasers – mainly on pharmaceutical websites and online shops – it is difficult to find data on the amount of Kamagra used in the country and the proportion of men who are using Kamagra. In contrast to Viagra, where there are specific numbers, Kamagra is harder to quantify. This is largely due to the fact that Viagra is prescribed by a doctor and Kamagra is an over-the-counter drug much like cold medicine. It is unclear whether or not Kamagra is legal in Australia. Many online pharmacies advertise it as 100% legal, yet online forums show anecdotal support for it being a legal substance in Australia.

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